Video | Hundreds mourn slain NYPD cop Adeed Fayaz at Brooklyn mosque

By Kevin Sheehan and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, edited by News Gate Team

Channel | FOX 5 New York

As hundreds of New York’s Finest came at a Brooklyn mosque to pay their respects, slain NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz was honoured as “the star” of both his family and his precinct.

At least 20 blocks of Coney Island Avenue were lined with uniformed police officers outside the Makki Masjid Muslim Center, where city officials and officers from Fayaz’s Borough Park precinct joined the grieving family of the 26-year-old father of two for a touching memorial service.

Through an interpreter, his father Sadigat Fayaz stated, “I don’t want to see any more parents lose their sons, daughters, or kids.”

“With my son here, I want this halted,”

After the service, the US flag from his casket was folded and given to his wife, Madiha Sabeel, who sobbed while holding it.

Adeed has a family left behind. In his remarks at the funeral, Mayor Eric Adams remarked, “Not only was he a police officer, but he was a father. My heart goes out to Madiha Sabeel. We shall keep you in our prayers and in our thoughts.

Fayaz’s family watching his coffin arrive at the mosque. | Stephen Yang

Rayan, 4, and Zayan, 3, Fayaz’s two sons, were in the room. Adams addressed them and said, “Children, there is no tale we can give to the death of a dad.

“There is no phrase in our language that we link with the severity of parental loss for children.”

Numerous officers from the NYPD’s rank-and-file were among the grieving.

People stood.

Others watched, expressing sympathy and lamenting the gun violence in the Big Apple.
NYPD officer Kenneth Harrison, a fellow Muslim, remarked outside the mosque, “All my other brothers in blue here, we don’t simply go off and abandon somebody.” “We are a single team. All of the cops seen here came to pay homage to our brother who was wearing the shield.
Catherine Lee, whose son, NYPD Officer Kevin Lee, died in the line of duty in Manhattan in 2006, said, “We offer our respect to the family.”

Members of the NYPD gather at Makki Mosque in Brooklyn to mourn the death of NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz. | Stephen Yang

Among the luminaries planning to make speeches during Fayaz’s funeral are likely to be Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

Sewell, who was dressed in a hajib, stated during the funeral, “This was a horrible abduction of a police officer, the violent robbing of a father from his family.” The excellent fathers in this city are needed. His sons require their own.

The hearse arriving outside of the mosque. | Paul Martinka

Fayaz, a five-year veteran of the NYPD, was attacked on Saturday after responding to a Facebook Marketplace ad to buy a Honda Odyssey. He was then shot once in the head while off-duty.

After being located at a hotel in Rockland County, Randy Jones, a 38-year-old career criminal, was charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday.

The funeral drew large crowds of NYPD officers and mourners to the streets of Brooklyn. | Paul Martinka

Jones allegedly fled the scene in a black BMW SUV and eluded capture for two days until being apprehended using Fayaz’s own handcuffs, according to Brooklyn prosecutors.
However, Jones allegedly questioned the two whether they had guns, and when they replied that they did not, he allegedly grabbed Fayaz and put him in a headlock before firing, fatally wounding the young officer.

As Jones fled, Fayaz’s brother-in-law seized the officer’s weapon and started firing again.

Fayaz was declared dead on Tuesday at Brookdale Hospital after being kept on life support for several days.

Thousands attend the funeral service for the fallen NYPD Officer held at Makki Mosque in Brooklyn. | Paul Martinka

His grieving father stated, “Usually in our religion, the son gives the shoulder to the father,” during the service on Thursday. “However, I’m going the other way. I’m lending my son my shoulder.

By Kevin Sheehan and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, edited by News Gate Team

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