The Blackest, Most Awake Super Bowl Ever is Super Bowl 57. Sorry, critics! | Viewpoint

Opinion by Mike Freeman, USA TODAY, edited by News Gate Team

Mackenzie Salmon ‘overreacts’ to Super Bowl 57 and all the biggest storylines from the game. USA TODAY

Leaning firmly on the all-caps key, Lauren Boebert tweeted, “America only has ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM.” Why is the NFL attempting to split us up by scheduling many games? Play football, not mindfulness.

At halftime, Rihanna then took the stage. Rihanna returned to the Super Bowl halftime performance despite previously stating she wouldn’t because of how the NFL treated Colin Kaepernick and players who were protesting. There is no doubt that Rihanna is one of the Blackest and Proudest performers of our time.

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But hold on—it gets even darker.

Before the game, rhythm and blues performer Babyface sang “America the Beautiful.” He has produced numerous R&B singles and received twelve Grammy Awards.

At this point, Rihanna was performing, the Black national anthem was playing, and two Black quarterbacks were starting a game. the month of Black History. The Super Bowl wasn’t this one. We were in Wakanda.

But hold on—things get weird.

Rihanna performs during halftime of Super Bowl 57.  

An all-female pilot team completed the customary flyover prior to the game for the first time ever. Wake up, wake up.

There was also the introduction of Doug Williams to the audience as he was holding the Lombardi Trophy. He was the first quarterback of colour to ever get the ball in a Super Bowl.

One of the Super Bowl commercials was for the Fox dating programme “Farmer Wants a Wife,” in which one of the farmers is Black. on a Fox programme. You understand that since Fox started airing Black farmers, wokeness has ran crazy.

After the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce scored in the first half, he performed a very NSFW rendition of the “stanky leg” dance. That will also be included in The Black Super Bowl, in my opinion.

Yes, some of stuff is humorous, but a lot of it isn’t. In addition to being a game and a celebration, the Super Bowl has evolved into something of a collective mirror. It reflects the things we cherish, hold dear, despise, desire, and disapprove of.

Babyface performs “America the Beautiful” before Super Bowl 57.  

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Some feel that the NFL is making too many efforts to appease the woke mob and people of colour. (Does anyone know where the awake mob has a home base so I can go there?) Even yet, the NFL is only partially doing that, and by somewhat I mean a teensy-tiny bit.

Some of the most traditional owners in all of sports are in the NFL. The horrible death of George Floyd in 2020 caused this ownership group to admit that they had blackballed Kaepernick and tried to suppress his protest movement. Commissioner Roger Goodell then made the following statement on camera: “Black Lives Matter.”

Singers, actors, former NFL players and more take in Super Bowl 57 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. USA TODAY SPORTS

The league has actually made small, gradual progress to get here, and even those advances weren’t particularly significant. The Black national anthem being sung is a very small step forward.

The main fact is that even these modest changes, which have only really been implemented in the last few years, drive some individuals insane. These are the only concrete steps the league has taken that resemble anything even somewhat close to being progressive in the roughly 100 years that some form of professional football has existed. The league has openly supported quarterback position segregation and prejudice against Black coaches for a large portion of its history.

This is why these actions seem so revolutionary even though they are really quite simple.

Which statement is that? When you’re accustomed to having advantages, equality feels oppressive.

The next Black Super Bowl, when Roger Goodell performs the “stanky leg,” is something I’m looking forward to.

Actually, disregard the final statement.

Opinion by Mike Freeman, USA TODAY, edited by News Gate Team

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