Incredible find within house’s walls, see in videos and pictures

By Jack Evans ; Edited by News Gate Team

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Owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in California, Nick Castro, has over 20 years of experience in the pest control business.

In his work, he has witnessed many peculiar things, but recently he learned of a finding that astounded him.

Castro was called to a house to deal with a woodpecker that was storing acorns in holes it had made in the siding and caused damage to the structure.

He encountered an endless stream of acorns gushing out when he cut into the wall to extract the nuts.

Castro told The Dodo, “They just kept coming and coming, non-stop.”

Nick Castro was called to a house to deal with a woodpecker that was causing damage.

“It was estimated that Acorns were only about one-fourth of the way up the wall. It turned out that they were piled so high they reached the house’s attic.

Castro made additional holes around the house, but the acorns continued to pour out, weighing a total of almost 700 pounds and filling eight huge trash bags.

The pest control specialist claimed that the bird had left acorns all over the property, leaving obvious woodpecker holes everywhere.

Castro remarked, “You’d think this bird had food caches all everywhere.”

“The holes the bird had caused had entirely ruined the house’s façade. Acorns were piled up on the trim and siding.

The bird, according to Castro, was “mad.”

The woodpecker had holes all over the house where it would drop the acorns into the walls.

He was actually there when we were, filling up the holes he made, the man claimed.

After drilling countless holes in the wood siding surrounding the chimney stack with acorns, the bird flew via the attic ventilation port holes.

According to Castro, “acorns were piled from the lower floor to nearly 20 feet up into the attic.”

Despite the damage caused, the bird wasn’t harmed.

All animals are handled gently and never put to death at Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, and this was no exception.

The homeowners just mended the holes outside the house and left the woodpecker alone.

By Jack Evans ; Edited by News Gate Team

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