On Russian TV, a supporter of Vladimir Putin offers a chilling threat: Why can’t we attack London at last?

by Ali Postma, edited by News Gate Team

Vladimir Putin ally and TV host Vladimir Solovyov© Provided by Oh My Mag

Another threat against the UK because of their support for Ukraine has been made by a Russian TV broadcaster who is a close friend of Vladimir Putin.

demands a walkout from the London parliament
On February 12, an excerpt of Vladimir Solovyov’s programme with English subtitles was posted on Twitter by Anton Gerashchenko, a counsellor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs. He challenges his audience in the video:

Can’t we at least attack London now? What’s the issue?
Added him:

Only against military targets, please, no, no, no. Yes, even in the parliament.

Solovyov persisted in accusing Western allies of equipping Ukraine so that it could attack territories that Russia claims but that the West does not recognise, such as Crimea. He stated:

They’re planning to offer Ukraine planes to use to launch attacks deep inside Russian territory. They slyly respond, “No, well, we just don’t recognise Crimea as Russia,” at the same time.

Channel | Hindustan Times

Added him:

Now it’s up to you to decide if Russia is right for you. You will decide what Russia is for us, not the Russian people, not a vote, or even a referendum.

asserts that Germany, France, and England are “Nazi states.”
The Kremlin’s allegations that Western backing for Ukraine is fostering neo-Nazism and Russophobia were then brought up by Solovyov:

In this scenario, we won’t even attempt to acknowledge; for us, there is no such thing as England. France not. Germany not. Instead, there are Nazi states whose hate of all things Russian unites them.
So let’s take this seriously. Do they believe that red lines do not exist? OK. Let’s demonstrate to them that there are no longer any red lines. Let’s go for it! in order for the fist to ring.

by Ali Postma, edited by News Gate Team

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