Officials Mason and Brooks are among those called to an emergency meeting.

By Kieran Gill; Edited by News Gate Team

Under-fire Among the Premier League officials who attended a video training held by PGMOL chief Howard Webb on Tuesday to prevent a repeat of the weekend’s mistakes were Lee Mason and John Brooks.

The examination of Mason and Brooks’ errors took place at the emergency Stockley Park meeting, as Sportsmail disclosed on Sunday.

According to sources, officials looked back film of the incidents from the 1-1 draws between Arsenal and Brighton with Brentford and Crystal Palace, respectively, and thoroughly discussed each one.

Ivan Toney’s equalizer for Brentford was preceded by VAR Mason failing to determine whether Christian Norgaard was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

VAR Brooks also disallowed Parvis Estupinan’s goal for Brighton after wrongly drawing the offside line to James Tomkins instead of Marc Guehi.

Lee Mason failed to identify errors in Brentford’s equaliser with Arsenal
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John Brooks drew the offside line from the wrong defender after Brighton scored against Palace
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Referees’ chief Howard Webb called officials to an emergency meeting after two VAR howlers
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It was clear that VAR should have ruled out Ivan Toney’s goal against Arsenal on Saturday
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Given the potential repercussions on their respective Premier League seasons, these errors made Arsenal and Brighton irate, and Webb was understandably upset by the high-profile mistakes.

‘A fruitful meeting was held at Stockley Park, chaired by chief refereeing officer Howard Webb, to thoroughly analyse officiating errors in Premier League matches last weekend,’ the PGMOL said in a statement to Sportsmail.

In order to produce accurate results in the future efficiently, there was an emphasis on error prevention and a reinforcement of best practice processes.

‘We accept mistakes were made and we acted accordingly by calling a meeting and changing match official appointments where appropriate, however, we are encouraged by the way our officials have responded and are confident they will take the learnings forward, always with the aim of delivering high officiating standards for the benefit of the game.’

Referee David Coote will oversee the Carabao Cup final between Manchester United and Newcastle, it was confirmed. 

Despite a screenshot circulating social media, purporting to be Coote’s Facebook page showing pictures of Old Trafford, Sportsmail can confirm the image is fake.

By Kieran Gill; Edited by News Gate Team

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