New invention to stop drivers from sleeping at the wheel

By 1news; Edited by News Gate Team

The gadget gives drivers a zap when they fall asleep at the wheel. (Source: Seven Sharp)

In order to prevent drivers from dozing off behind the wheel, a new technology called Autosense has been developed.

Autosense, a company that wants to revolutionize the commercial driving business, utilizes a camera to detect when a driver begins to nod off. If their eyes are closed for more than a half-second, their seat will shake.

Charles Dawson, the CEO of Autosense, stated that the company was noticing a rise in “micro-sleeps.”

In light and heavy cars equipped with 5000 Guardian units, there were 30% more micro-sleep events per kilometer traveled between 2021 and 2022, he claimed.

Dawson thinks other drivers were dozing off just as frequently despite the fact that Autosense only monitors commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and corporate cars.

The driver, who is the only component that unites all automobiles, will eventually nod off if they don’t get enough sleep, according to Dawson.

More commercial drivers are caught on camera dozing off behind the wheel.
The technology employs a dashboard infrared camera and an algorithm that watches the driver’s face.

Autosense expects that it will be included as an extra safety measure when vehicles are purchased.

By 1news; Edited by News Gate Team

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