More than ten US balloons, according to China, have been found in the last year.

 by Daniel Stewart, edited by News Gate Team

Search work for Chinese balloon wreckage in Atlantic waters off Myrtle Beach – MC1 RYAN SEELBACH/US NAVY / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOP
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Following a weekend marked in North America by the shooting down of multiple unidentified flying objects, the Chinese government has for the first time accused American authorities of violating Chinese airspace using balloons, specifically more than ten since the start of 2022.

In a media appearance on Monday, Wang Wenbin, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said, “It is not rare for American balloons to illegally enter the airspace of another country.

Wang pleaded with Washington to “reflect” on its actions and stop using “wrong approaches.” In response to pertinent instances, Beijing “reserves the right to take the required actions,” he said.

Although China has acknowledged its connection to a first downed device, it has restricted itself to asserting that it was for scientific purposes. Joe Biden’s administration has accused the Asian giant of using spy balloons, and although the Chinese side has acknowledged its link to a first downed device. Three further devices that were shot down this weekend whose origins have not been determined by American authorities.

According to sources cited by the “Financial Times,” Taiwan’s government has also reportedly seen a large number of claimed Chinese surveillance balloons in its skies in recent years, fueling worries in Taipei that Beijing may be plotting an attack against the island nation.

 by Daniel Stewart, edited by News Gate Team

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