Mom Reprimanded By School After Sending Extra Lunch For Her Son To Give To A Hungry Classmate

by Isaac Serna-Diez, edited by News Gate Team

Mom packing extra lunch TikTok ©Photo: TikTok

On TikTok, a mother was astounded to learn that her kid had run into difficulties with the school during lunch, but she was even more astounded to learn the reason why.

She has been packing extra food into her son’s lunchbox for some time, and she has a solid reason for doing so, so she was surprised when the school complained about it.

Her son was punished for sharing his extra food with a classmate who was in need.

In a video that was uploaded to TikTok on November 9, 2022 and gained 1.3 million views, the mother described the circumstance as she prepared her son for school by stuffing yet another lunchbox.


#fyp #foryou #foru #foryoupage #fypシ foodforall.. The system they put in place to help these children is not helpful at all. They are doing more damage than help

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When put very simply, it makes absolutely no sense to cause trouble with a student and their family because they’re sending too much food to the school.

Would you believe I got in trouble for bringing too much food to my son’s school, she questioned. I think that is absurd since he should be able to eat if he is hungry.

But, she continues, “that’s not why we send all this additional food,” citing items like pudding, chips, and a few snacks.

She explains, “This extra food is for a kid in my son’s class. He informed my son that school is the only place where he receives food.

She made the tender decision to begin packing her son’s lunchbox in order for him to provide the boy more food to eat.

She ends the video by saying, “I’m going to keep making this kid’s lunch, and they can kiss my a—.”

She’s perplexed as to why the school would object, though, given their response.

She questions, “Why would the school forbid me from providing him extra food? “I find it extremely f—king disgusting that my son is getting disciplined for doing a decent deed,” the mother said. “I’m sure they are aware of the scenario going on at home.”

Try to stop her or her son from giving a starving boy some extra food seems cold and uncaring on the surface, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it enough to stop.

The mother was praised for her nice deed, while the school was chastised.
The first comment on the post stated, “Schools do nothing BUT overstep their bounds these days.”

They are aware yet don’t care. They believe they are these kids’ parents,” a user commented in response to the previous statement. It’s wonderful that you helped this kid; well done!

She and many of the commentators were perplexed as to why it was the school’s business what or how much they packed in their lunches.

One person said, “My mom used to give me extra to share. How is it any of the school’s business?”

Someone made an educated guess as to why the school would be concerned if a youngster brought extra food to school, noting, “Probably due to Covid and allergies. They don’t want to be held accountable?

Some schools strictly forbid students from sharing food.

She responded, “Well if that’s the case then it should be their job to make sure that youngster feeds, but that didn’t seem rational enough to her. If they are still concerned about allergies and Covid.

She said that she had double-checked with her son’s teacher to make sure she wasn’t causing any allergies by doing so in advance.

Overall, by assisting a child in need and disobeying the school, she is doing a wonderful thing and establishing a wonderful example for her son.

by Isaac Serna-Diez, edited by News Gate Team

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