Michael Jordan allegedly “went ballistic” in their most recent talk, according to Charles Barkley.

By Chantz Martin

On November 20, 2021, Charles Barkley attended a UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s last discussion with hall of famer Charles Barkley was discussed.

The normally outspoken presenter disclosed that Jordan’s final phone conversation with him included obscene language.

The two have broken off their partnership as a result of comments Barkley made in 2012 criticising Jordan’s work as a team executive.

“The hardest thing about Michael, I remarked, is that he needs to surround himself with better people. They’re on your private jet, which is the hardest thing when you’re famous. All the beverages are your expense. You are paying for every dinner. Very few people are going to be honest with you,'” Barkley recounted during an appearance on the “Let’s Go! “podcast featuring Jim Gray and Tom Brady.


Jordan and Barkley have not spoken to each other in about ten years, according to Barkley.

For a Showtime episode of “All the Smoke,” Barkley sat down with former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on Thursday. Barnes brought up the tense connection between Barkley and Jordan throughout the conversation.

“You and MJ were quite close, but you two haven’t spoken in a while. Is there any hope for that situation at all? Do you guys think you can fix that?” Barnes enquired.

Even though Barkley still likes Jordan, he declared that he had no control over their potential friendship in the future.

Barkley answered, “That would be on his end, Matt.” He used to be my best friend, and I still love and miss him, but I have to take care of business.

Then, Barkley reaffirmed his earlier assertions that he thought Jordan surrounded himself with too many people who were reluctant to contradict him.

I don’t know if he’s ever going to be successful because the people around him won’t ever tell him no, Barkley said of the struggling general manager or team owner.

Jordan did not take Barkley’s comments well, according to Barkley.

Barkley claimed that “he went ballistic.” “And when he called, the last thing I heard was him say, “M—— f—- you!” You should be my son,’ she said.”

Barkley defended his remarks by stating he was simply carrying out his duty.

“I responded, “Man, I’ve got to get to work.” We haven’t spoken to each other since that evening, which was probably about ten years ago.”

By Chantz Martin

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