How students felt during the shelter-in-place order after four hours of lockdown

The State News, edited by News Gate Team

FBI agents and police officers look lost in Campbell Hall as they search for the suspect that shot at MSU students on campus on the night Feb. 13, 2023.
Photo by Audrey Richardson

The initial email telling students to “Run, hide, fight” was sent out around 8:32 p.m.

The moment students realised that their campus would never be the same again, at 8:32 p.m., terror set in.

First-year secondary mathematics Along with some of her pals, Emily Donovan was seated in her dorm in East Akers.

“As I prepared to exit my dorm through the side door, I heard what sounded like shouting coming from my room, and I looked at my phone, “Donovan uttered. “Everyone, please, like shelter down in your room, like shut your doors, the R.A. in Texas urged.

On campus, everyone started to experience this fear.

When Marin Klein, a journalism sophomore, first learned of the situation, she was in the Communication Arts and Sciences building taping a broadcast.

“When (my friend) kept calling, I just texted, “Hey, what’s up? We are currently filming, “said Klein. “Wherever you are, enter. That’s all she said. In the Union, shots were fired.

Klein and a large number of other students were trapped in the building with no means to even shut the doors.

Klein remarked, “It’s simply crazy to me to think that I could be so afraid in the building that I spent my entire academic life in and that I’m in every single day. And now, the idea of returning there terrifies me. Simply to recall the terror I experienced while spending four hours alone in a dark corner of the room

She claimed that the police scanner was on in her class.

Klein remarked, “I felt like it wasn’t real.

freshmen in pre-nursing Laundry was being done when Abby Craven received messages warning her of the shooter. She claimed that she locked herself in her dorm with the dresser, shut off the lights, and spent the following few hours hiding in a closet.

Craven stated, “You never really knew what was going on.

In an effort to understand what was going on, students were tuned into news and police scanners, but it was difficult due to all the hysteria and false alarms.

The State News, edited by News Gate Team

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