How NASA scientists might eventually explain any alien discoveries

By Morgan McFall-Johnsen, edited by News Gate Team

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover took this selfie on September 10, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Perhaps a telltale chemical in the atmosphere of a faraway Earth-like planet is found by the James Webb Space Telescope. In ten years, Perseverance rover samples from Mars may reach Earth, and scientists may discover microbial fossils there.

Some astrobiologists—exactly what they sound like—who look into the possibility of biology existing somewhere other than Earth—believe that we may soon find proof of extraterrestrial life.

But, it’s unlikely that any evidence would be wholly, categorically, unmistakably evidence of aliens. Most scientists won’t agree and won’t have complete confidence. Public explanation of something might be challenging.

Two people dressed as extra-terrestrials with aluminum foil costumes walk in the streets near the Peak of Bugarach, in France. Jean-Philippe Arles/Reuters

If we don’t actually see something moving and waving at us, which is improbable, Glaze told Insider, it will be quite difficult to persuade the scientific community to concur on this.

NASA has made an effort to create a process for evaluating and disseminating such a significant, sensitive discovery. Glaze added that although the discussion is still ongoing, the agency published a framework as a starting point in 2021. It might aid in the scientific explanation process for scientists, writers, and NASA itself.

The “confidence of life detection” (CoLD) scale rates scientific certainty in any prospective discovery of extraterrestrial life on a scale from one to seven. When more evidence accumulates, the likelihood of a detection can increase.

By Morgan McFall-Johnsen, edited by News Gate Team

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