Houston residents protest the anti-Chinese land measure.

by Randall; Edited by News Gate Team

Against a law that would forbid Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and Iranian citizens and businesses from purchasing land in Texas, about 300 predominantly Chinese Americans demonstrated in Houston this past weekend.

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The protesters reportedly screamed “end Chinese hate” and “Texas is our home” as they passed through Houston’s Chinatown, according to The Strait Times.

While others beat drums, some protesters appeared as Chinese dragons. 1000 whistles bearing the message “We belong” were delivered by Professor Steven Pei, one of the APA Justice organizers.

Representative Gene Wu told KPRC that “this type of legislation—this rising anti-Asian and anti-immigrant sentiment—is, quite honestly, a direct attack on our people and on our city.”

APA Justice Photo© Provided by AsAmNews

Sylvester Houston, the mayor of Houston, marched beside Wu and criticized the law.

“So how do you put that into effect?” Are you assuming? Or make it mandatory for every Asian American to prove their lack of ties to any of those nations, he suggested.

A Houston resident who is American and Iranian named Nikki Hafizi also attended the demonstration.

They do this to serve as a reminder that we should not enjoy the same rights as everyone else, according to Ms. Hafizi.

She explained that even after receiving a US passport and becoming a citizen, she still retains her Iranian citizenship, adding, “I’m a dual citizen therefore I assume this would apply to me if I can ever purchase a home.”
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Houstonians protest anti-Chinese land legislation, as reported by AsAmNews.

by Randall; Edited by News Gate Team

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