Futuristic superyacht costs $86 million and can “fly” across the ocean.

Reported by Tamara Hardingham-Gill, Edited by News Gate Team

The 74-meter-long Plectrum can lift itself above the water and seemingly “fly” at high speeds thanks to a hydrofoil technology.

A variety of unique and imaginative superyacht designs have been sprouting in recent months, from floating “diamonds” to wandering volcanoes, and this most recent creation from Lazzarini Design Studio is no exception.

The foiling monohulls used in the America’s Cup, one of the oldest international sailing boat contests, were a major source of inspiration for the design, according to the Italian studio’s staff.

However, this enormous brilliant orange vessel will be propelled by three 5,000 horsepower hydrogen-powered motors rather than the wind like a sailing boat.

Although foiling technology has been around for a while, it has recently gained prominence, thanks in large part to the America’s Cup.

But constructing a hydrofoil of this magnitude would surely be a major accomplishment.
Despite the fact that the design is only a concept, the creators claim it could be built in two years for about $87 million (€80 million) provided a buyer is found.

The designers note in a statement that similar vessel construction was previously possible in the shipbuilding industry in 1964.

According to reports, the foil system may be modified depending on the current “cruising needs,” expanding from a width of 15 metres while the yacht is berthed/anchored and the foil is closed to up to 20 metres of beam when the foil is opened while the yacht is sailing at high speed.

The Lazzarin team says that this “alternative superyacht configuration” will enable “far faster sea travelling than traditional equivalent size yachts.”

The light superyacht has been “intended to be the fastest of its kind” and will be able to reach a top speed of 75 knots thanks to a combination of dry carbon fibre composite materials.
The yacht will have six guest cabins, a shipowner suite, a helipad, and a beach club with a pool spread throughout its four levels as far as onboard facilities go.

The most avant-garde superyacht design by Lazzarini is called Plectrum. The 169-meter Sovrano superyacht prototype with twin helipads and a retractable deck was unveiled by the firm last year.
Meanwhile, Catalina, a stunning five-deck superyacht idea featuring a massive infinity hot pool, was just unveiled by the Spanish design studio Rodriguez Design.

Reported by Tamara Hardingham-Gill, Edited by News Gate Team

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