Florida 5-year-old girl attacked by a dog need 50 stitches and staples in her face and neck.

By Selim Algar; Edited by News Gate Team

The 5-year-old required 50 stitches after the attack.
Florian Becker

A brave but traumatized Florida girl is recovering from extensive injuries this week after a brutal dog attack, according to reports.

The 5-year-old’s father, Florian Becker, said his wife and daughter were walking in a Fort Lauderdale park Friday when the owner of a dog invited kids to pet it.

“My daughter went up and pet him, and all of a sudden, the dog turned and bit her in her face,” Becker said, according to WSVN.

The mauling required 50 stitches and staples to the child’s face, neck and shoulders, leaving her “absolutely traumatized,” Becker said.

The dog owner left the scene but has since been located.

Attempts were made to remove the dog off the youngster by his wife, who was there during the attack.

When Becker’s wife attempted to bring the dog back by its collar, the collar snapped because she was startled and yelled, he claimed. She was grabbing the dog and fighting it off, hanging on to it, while yelling at the woman to take control of her dog. The dog attacked again, this time more ferociously.

Finally, the terrified mother was able to free her daughter, who was then quickly taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

The shaken tot is recovering from her injuries.
Florian Becker

Despite the young girl’s severe injuries, Becker claimed that she was fortunate not to have suffered eye damage.

He told Local 10 that she is having trouble comprehending the assault and that her road to recovery would be difficult.

The dog owner received criticism from the father for not intervening when things got out of hand.

He told the site, “Unfortunately, the dog’s owner didn’t take control of the situation, and my wife literally had to leap in and drag the dog away as my little girl was bleeding on the ground.

Part of the attack was captured on surveillance video.

The animal’s owner left the scene but has since been identified, according to reports.

The dog, whose breed is unknown, has been turned over to animal control but it was unclear Tuesday if any charges will be filed in the case.

By Selim Algar; Edited by News Gate Team

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