Exploring zany eyewear with Filippo Nassetti’s biomorphic designs

by Almas Sadique; Edited by News Gate Team

Sunglasses made of stalactites, made on MidjourneyImage: Courtesy of STIR

The Midjourney bot was instructed by the British architect, artist, and generative designer to create a line of eyeglasses and sunglasses that may be worn, used as masks, or shown as sculptures.

Innovation and creativity are sparked by nature. It offers solace and consolation and invites everyone—in groups or on their own—to visit and engage or just to meander. Natural scapes are the original Commons, where a lack of walls and lines helps loosen the restrictions that would otherwise stifle creativity. While maintaining a home on forested hills, wide valleys, along gliding brooks, or within organically moulded cavernous nooks is not feasible for everyone today, it is both possible and advised, for a better quality of life, to adorn our man-made habitations with items and aesthetics that serve as reminders of the scents, vistas, and attributes of nature.

AI Eyewears by Nassetti are explorations of biological and mineral microstructuresImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)

Thus, biomorphism paves the door for the creation of items that appear natural. It is an art movement that dates back to the 1930s and encourages designers to use their imagination to create design components and forms that resemble the shapes, patterns, colors, and textures frequently found in nature. Designers are successful in producing objects and arranging settings that assist suffuse the serenity visible in unpolluted areas by making references to the aesthetics of nature.

AI Eyewear inspired by the wings of butterflies and honeycombsImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)

Filippo Nassetti, an architect, artist, and generative designer from the UK, has just created a line of eyewear designs that adhere to biomorphic attributions. The AI eyewear series by Nassetti was developed using Midjourney, an artificial intelligence application that responds to textual instructions with pictures. A handful of the pieces resemble the rough surfaces of rocks and caves, while others have the appearance of honeycombs and butterfly wings.

AI Eyewears by Nassetti are explorations of fibrous systems and biomorphismImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)

Several other works overwhelm the spectators’ minds with their arcane qualities while also registering familiarity. The eyewear pieces also resemble other things including ferrofluid, corroded metal, fiber architecture, biorock accumulation, and biological and mineral microstructures. Nassetti illustrates the elegant blending of natural and artificial elements in the eyewear collection by drawing inspiration from metallurgical items and artificial processes. This alludes to the beauty of the synergistic existence of nature and man-made objects.

Sunglasses by Filippo Nassetti that resemble honeycombsImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)

AI Eyewears by Nassetti that resemble crystallised surfacesImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)
Nassetti’s AI Eyewears meld the artificial and the naturalImage: Filippo Nassetti (using Midjourney AI)

by Almas Sadique; Edited by News Gate Team

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