China gets ready to fire down an unknown flying object as the balloon tale changes.

by Rizhao; Edited by News Gate Team

Rizhao, China – China is preparing to shoot down an unidentified flying object, according to the Global Times.

China has reported a mysterious flying object in its airspace following the destruction of a suspected Chinese spy balloon in the US (stock image). Collage: 123RF/nanskyblack & REUTERS© Collage: 123RF/nanskyblack & REUTERS

According to a local maritime authority, the enigmatic object was seen on Sunday off the coast of Rizhao, a city in Shandong province halfway between Shanghai and Beijing.

A message was sent to the local fishermen warning them to take extra precautions for their safety.

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What kind of flying object it was remained an open question.

On Sunday, the news dominated Chinese social media, with millions of people using the appropriate hashtag on the website Weibo.

The event occurs after the US military recently shot down three aircraft, including a Chinese balloon that was allegedly being used for espionage.

The Chinese government, on the other hand, claims that the flying object the US said was spying was a “civilian, unmanned airship” that was accidentally diverted from its original route by strong winds.

by Rizhao; Edited by News Gate Team

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