Amazon reportedly greenlights a Spider-Man Noir series

But will Nic Cage be involved?


According to Variety, Amazon is moving forward with a live-action Spider-Man Noir series. According to reports, it won’t be about Peter Parker but rather “an older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City.”

Spider-Man Noir is a reimagined version of the web-slinging hero who originally appeared in the corresponding Marvel comic book series in 2009. The 1933 setting of the comic book rendition depicts a newly bitten Spidey navigating the New York City underground of the Great Depression. The Nicolas Cage-voiced character, who dwells in a reality distinct from the mainline Spider-Man storylines, also had an appearance in the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Although the actor has stated he wasn’t asked to return for the planned animated sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the story does not specifically say if Cage will be featured in the new production.


The as-yet-untitled series will be Amazon’s second project based on Sony-controlled Marvel superheroes after the upcoming Silk: Spider Society. Oren Uziel will write and executive-produce the show; Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse alumni Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Amy Pascal share executive-producing credits.

Sony controls the film rights to Spider-Man and supporting characters like Venom, Carnage, Vulture, Black Cat and others. In addition, it works with Marvel Studios on the current MCU film franchise starring Tom Holland.

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