After draining a half-court shot, a seventh grader wins $10,000: “Through the strength of God, it went in.”

By Ryan Morik

After draining a half-court shot, a seventh grader wins $10,000: "Through the strength of God, it went in."

After making a half-court shot, a North Dakota seventh grader increased his wealth by $10,000.

A seventh-grader won $10,000 after a faultless shooting challenge during a high-school basketball game, becoming the biggest winner of his life.

At Bishop Ryan Catholic School last week, JJ Frank of Minot, North Dakota, made a layup, a free throw, a three-pointer, and a half-court shot in 25 seconds to win the top prize.

Frank had to make the shots and get the ball himself, and he made all four of them in quick succession.

He made the first three very easily before winding up and launching a Hail Mary that was pure net. He was instantly surrounded by both players and onlookers.

He told Valley News Live, “You only get one shot at that, so if you miss, you miss.

“I’m probably not going to make it, but I’ve got to try and try and hope it goes in,” I was thinking. Clark was compared to the GOAT by a player for Bishop Ryan.

“Tom Brady alone tosses it and catches it. It just seems like “No way.” The court is stormed by everyone, and it was really cool “Ramsey Walz stated.

Frank was aware that his odds were small, but with a little bit of trust, he realised the dream of every child—and many adults.

Clark remarked, “That was one in a million, and by the might of God, it went in.”

The last shot, in particular, was perhaps more a gift from God than it was some inherent talent, according to his mother Marie. “The first three, I believed he has some basketball talent,” she added.

The junior-high team of the K-12 school features Frank as a player. He claimed that the money will go directly toward his education fund.

By Ryan Morik

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