Due to fans’ horrified reactions, a TikToker discovered the most disturbing Minnie Mouse detail, and it quickly went viral.

by Mehera Bonner ; Edited by News Gate Team

A TikToker spotted the most disturbing detail about Minnie Mouse’s ears and now the TikTok is going viral.
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There’s a good possibility that you’ve seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney if you have nieces or nephews or if you’ve lately babysat a child. If not, it’s essentially the most modern version of Mickey Mouse and his buddies, and it features a theme song that WILL stay in your brain for weeks.

Well, some people (parents, especially) have been forced to watch this show for countless hours, and one TikToker has recently recognized that Minnie’s ears are seriously out of whack.

TikToker Since then, Meghan Davis’s initial post has been made “friends-only,” but not before it became viral as a result of everyone going crazy over her discovery, which is essentially that Minnie’s ears move eerily around her head.

A number of comments were made, such that the discovery “should be criminal” and “that is…so much worse than I imagined it was going to be,” according to In the Know, which broke the news of the discovery. Another person added, “I thought you were being dramatic and almost scrolled but…you’re right.”

The ears basically revolve around her head to maintain the Mickey Mouse silhouette, Meghan described the TikTok of Minnie’s ears she had previously published. Just that. Not that serious, really. It amused me, at first.

Well, I guess I’ll be thinking about this for the rest of the day.

by Mehera Bonner ; Edited by News Gate Team

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